04 November 2014

X4G to Open Preachers at 5

Urban Gospel Group X4G beat 7 other hopefuls to become the winner of the Opening Act Opportunity initiative by Preachers for their 5 year Anniversary Concert at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel on 27th December.
Gospel Town Africa, management of the Preachers, threw out the challenge to the public to vote openly to choose their preffered act. The aspirants included Jesu the Artist, Kommit, CMJ, X4G, Adil, Christhood, Dashman Delaney and Big John of which X4G emerged most voted with their song “Ein naa dat”.
However, management has decided to give the opportunity to the top two , X4G and Jesu the Artist who was second in the competition to blaze the trail come December 27th.
G-Town appreciates all the contestants for partaking in the challenge and has rewarded the remaining six with tickets as special guests to the concert.
Do you have your ticket already? You may call 0244015500 for booking and reservation.
La Palm Royal Beach Hotel is the place you ought to be on 27th December,2014 at 4:00pm. Don’t be told, be there! Bibles Up!

By Jackie Hanson

Crazy // The Fearless Project
  1. Crazy // The Fearless Project
  2. Meyi W’aye ft. Noble Nketsiah // Preachers - The Fearless Project
  3. No Juju by Preachers // Fearless
  4. Be Wit’ U ft. Kaysi Owusu // Preachers - Fearless