05 January 2015

Preachers win Most Wanted Rap Award again!!!

10887588_10152953179584197_563795486007434993_oThe enormity of exhilaration that swept across the hearts Preachers upon declaration that “No Juju” is the Most Wanted Rap Song of the Year at the just ended Christian Community Music Awards held last Saturday, 3rd January 2015, was too awful for words.

The 3rd edition of the Most Wanted Awards by the Christian Community Microfinance Limited, CCML, held at the College of Physicians and Surgeons Conference Hall registered a huge number of music lovers and Christians who were thrilled by performances by interminable trio-Preachers, Eugene Zutah, Joe Mettle and Florocka, just to mention a few.

Beating the likes of KingzKid, E-rock, and Royal Priesthood, the gospel rap trio Preachers, splendidly took careful strides onto the stage to grab the prestigious award. Meanwhile, this happens to be the second time the trio has won the Most Wanted Rap Award in a row. The “Go Hard” and “No Juju” hit makers thanked the Most High God and dedicated the award to the Holy Trinity, that’s, God the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. All praises due.

Gospel Town, Management of the trio joined in unison with them and expressed appreciation to their loyal fans for the love and support rendered to them. To the CCML, organizers of the awards event, Preachers commend them for such a successful event.

Now who is ready to take over the world with Preachers? Let’s get it! Until then, Bibles Up forever!

If you haven’t heard the song “No Juju”, feel free to listen and download below.

By Jackie Hanson

No Juju
  1. 1. No Juju



Crazy // The Fearless Project
  1. Crazy // The Fearless Project
  2. Meyi W’aye ft. Noble Nketsiah // Preachers - The Fearless Project
  3. No Juju by Preachers // Fearless
  4. Be Wit’ U ft. Kaysi Owusu // Preachers - Fearless