23 June 2015

Preachers turn Chefs?

Who would have ever imagined that multiple award winning urban gospel trio would feature on Ghana’s most watched cooking show, Asanka Delight?

Affable TV Presenter and songstress, Jackie Ankrah was beside herself with joy hosting the interminable trio in her kitchen and while they prepared a palatable meal, she sought to know them better.

Earlier this year, the trio revealed that they had awesome packages for their fans. Amidst the announcements of other amazing surprises, I bet their participation on Asanka Delight is enough to get you knocked off your feet.

This Sunday, 28th June, meet your chefs Obed Psych, Eddy and Emani on Asanka Delight on TV3 @6:30pm, they’ve got a divine menu for you.
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Meanwhile, Bibles Up School Tour continues unabated with so much fun packed. Keep your fingers crossed, the train might stop by at your school soon.
Stay in God’s love. Bibles Up!

Signed: Jackie Hanson

Crazy // The Fearless Project
  1. Crazy // The Fearless Project
  2. Meyi W’aye ft. Noble Nketsiah // Preachers - The Fearless Project
  3. No Juju by Preachers // Fearless
  4. Be Wit’ U ft. Kaysi Owusu // Preachers - Fearless