31 January 2016


This Easter, join multiple-award winning urban gospel trio, Preachers, remember and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on a two week tour to the holy land, Israel from Galilee to Jerusalem from 22 March to 3rd April, 2016.

Wasis Air is the official organiser of this trip and it’s specially made for people who want to go on pilgrimage to the Holy land to have an experience with God.

Preachers’ Kenyan trip which ended early this year was only the beginning of many other international platforms for the trio to spread the gospel.

And as part of the group’s 2016 resolutions is to keep reaching out to the lost beyond the shores of Ghana and this trip is just another of the many others to come.

This tour promises to be a spirit filled experience as the trio will minister live as headline artistes at a special concert in Israel for pilgrims and Israeli citizens.

Meanwhile, Wasis Air, proud sponsor of this International tour want you to be part of this experience.

 For a full package that includes Visa, Plane Ticket, Hospitality and more for a cool $2900 only! What more? For interested couples, you may have your wedding ceremony at Canaan in Israel.

For further detail about this tour, contact; 0265 217070/ 0244230839/ 024321 0327/0200162940 Visit their website FACEBOOK.COM/WASIS-INT

Get your bags ready for an awesome lifetime experience, it can only get better!
Bibles Up!!

Signed: Jackie Hanson

Crazy // The Fearless Project
  1. Crazy // The Fearless Project
  2. Meyi W’aye ft. Noble Nketsiah // Preachers - The Fearless Project
  3. No Juju by Preachers // Fearless
  4. Be Wit’ U ft. Kaysi Owusu // Preachers - Fearless