29 December 2014

Preachers @ 5 was Off The Hook!

It was an atmosphere filled with merriment, music, dance, and extreme delight as music lovers and fans of the interminable trio, Preachers crowned their 5 years in ministry with a mega musical concert at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel last Saturday, 27th December, 2014.

There was no iota of doubt the event was going to be a huge success. With the auditorium filled to the brim, the mere entrance to the venue depicted a sense of high standard in every aspect of organization, creativity and the superb package that awaited the audience.

The show started around 5:00pm with the music band, Upperroom Effect leading the audience into a deep moment of worship and virtually connected their spirits to God for proper commencement of the show.

With the gorgeous woodin brand ambassador Caroline Sampson and the energetic PY Addo Boateng as hosts, it was obvious they were a great pair to soar the audience through and through the program.

X4G in on stage

X4G in on stage

X4G, winner of the Opening Act Opportunity blazed the trail with their hit song “Ein naa dat” and got the fans cheering them on. Right after the group’s performance was the song that remained on the lips of the audience even after the performance, Tonight by Jesu the Artist. It was a promise to the audience that greater stuff laid ahead. It had just started!

Revy the Prepaid hit maker

Revy the Prepaid hit maker




The ever-vibrant Crossfire mounted the stage and drew the mass nearer to God. Greatly endowed with vocal dexterity, their ministration was all that was ever needed to calm down the nerves of the audience who couldn’t wait to have a feel of Preachers who were yet to come. It was worthwhile.

Then came the sensational singer, Teddy OT who relived the Christmas glee all at once with his beautiful Christmas song, Hark the Herald. He swept them the teeming audience off their feet with his captivating voice.

The “Prepaid” single hit maker, Revy, blessed the mic with her gracious voice and careful dance steps. She got the crowd loving her all over with her slender physique as she fantastically performed her hit, Prepaid.

IMG_7078-32UK’s no.1 gospel rapper, Lyrical soldier graced the occasion not only with his presence but with his superb performance. For those who were heavy laden, he managed to stir up their spirits and encouraged them to rise up to the top where they really belong. He mesmerized the people with his exceptional style of ministration. There was something distinctive about the rapper’s persona that one really couldn’t place a finger on. He was simply exquisite!

The moment when the audience had been waiting a lifetime for finally came. At the announcement of the multi award-winning trio to mount the stage, the applause the auditorium experienced was deafening. Whew! Lo and behold, they came all clothed graciously in jackets on neat pairs of white pants. It was a blast from the past as they walked their fans down memory lane performing some of their hit songs from their first album. Songs like, My Days feat Isaac Ogoe reminded Christians on a need for God to teach them to number their days on earth and Halleluyah told amazing stories of the Bible.

The energetic Jay Shady, joined the trio on stage and excellently did justice to the song that got the crowd all up on their feet dancing and wriggling their waists in Praise to God. His dance moves alone compelled the audience to do even better. The all time favorite of the fans, Go Hard couldn’t go unperformed. As usual, it was amazing how they sang cheerfully and rapped along.

Lyrical soldier was on one more time with Preachers and performed “Alright” to the admiration of all. It was indeed alright! At this time, there was no doubt the audience was still in want of more.

There was the need for great people to be acknowledged for the support and love shown to Preachers over the period as they in turns received their awards for their immutable service.  Preachers presented awards to The Head Pastor of Action Chapel Adenta, Rev. Ben Sallah who happens to be the group’s father and mentor, Bishop Charles Agyinasare for being of great support for their ministry and Mama Dela Mawutor for being their patron and mother.

Second Package - Preachers

Second Package – Preachers

The fun tempo however ascended when the Crazy for God hit makers mounted the stage one more time and energetically portrayed how crazy they were indeed to enhance the kingdom of the Show God. By now, the seats could no longer contain the crowd as the vivacious trio continued to thrill them with the peoples all time favorite, No Juju. M’ayi w’aye, a blend of twi, fante and English rap that features Noble Nketsiah got the audience going hard in praise to God for his faithfulness over 5 years in Preachers’ ministry.




The curtains were drawn down after the cutting of cake and popping of champagne led by the lovely patron and “mother” of the guys, Dela Mawutor followed by powerful prayers and blessings by Rev. Ben Sallah.

The show couldn’t be shut down without a feel of the album theme song, Fearless which finally saw the dismissal of the crowd. Celebration of Preachers @ 5 Anniversary Concert proved greatly successful!Take a glance at all the captivating moments captured. Bibles up!

Crazy // The Fearless Project
  1. Crazy // The Fearless Project
  2. Meyi W’aye ft. Noble Nketsiah // Preachers - The Fearless Project
  3. No Juju by Preachers // Fearless
  4. Be Wit’ U ft. Kaysi Owusu // Preachers - Fearless