07 May 2014

Lyrics – Go Hard


Bibles Up
Buckle up
Light it up
With the Holy Ghost Fire
‘Cause when I think about the way that the world is turning around
Everything is falling apart so you know you got to go hard
Verse 1 (Psych)
Fly like a butterfly
Sting like a bee
Matter of fact
I fly uppercuts when I’m in the ring like Ali
People might just get me wrong
When they get into the lyrics and the rhythm of the song
But it doesn’t really matter when the word of God on
Cus I gota readdress what is really going on (yeah)
Where the word of God is needed
Is the only place where I can be
And where they gather in the name of Jesus
I’ma go with lightening speed (Preach)
Preach 24/7 and on weekends
Preach everyday no matter how the weather be and
Prove to the world that God dey bee and
Seeking to elevate the name of Jesus
You know the Kingdom of God suffers violence. Why lay low?
We had to really go hard on this cus the aim is what? (Save Souls)
And if you wanna kick box with me, I could knock you out (K.O.)
Well if you wanna race with me on the track
Huhuhuhu!!! Poof!!!
Yussein Bolt/

Go Hard (Go Hard)
Go Hard (Go Hard)
Go Hard (Go Hard)
Is how we always gonna go
2nd Verse (Emani)
Atanfo ma mendwini mendwini me ho
We spreading the word and that’s whats up
Ye twri opata ko gye ko
Protection flowing like the tap
Process this info cus I’ve got some few bars to go
Slip your pride through your pocket
He’s the master subject
You sipping on drinks You thinkin of blings
Homie better behave
You lasting for chicks You paper chase
Yo you need to break
Quit the drama Follow ma abba father
He’s a great savior
Surrender all to him and I know he will lead ya
I’ma preach everyday
and even if I die I know that Christ is gain
Ima break all evil bounds and let em know that Christ reigns
Go hard like a metal ball
Sons of God and we never falling
Even in a billion hamans we will always stand tall
The word of God gotta reach every hidden corner
‘s how we always gona go (GO HARD)
He got our backs so we preaching with no fear
‘s why we always gona go (GO HARD)
Go Hard
Go Hard
Is how we always gona go
Go Hard
Go Hard
Go Hard
Is how we always gona go
3rd Verse (Eddy)
I’m all about Christology
Bringing the methodology
Of how to liquidate devil like monopoly
Slow as the flow be
I spit real harmony
That sound like Israeli
That break wall of Jerico
Devil you know you lost
Kinda like a lost course
Ask the demons I G.I. Joe on ém
I’ma go hard on em
I’ma go wild on ém
Matter of fact ima ima about to schumacha on ém
When the devil goes hiding in a dark spot
I’ma go wit light sun shine on the dark spot
Salt of the world
Light of the world
Aint no body stopping me cus I rep G.O.D
I genesis to revelation all day
That’s why I’m soaked in the word like a rainy day
Now Go Hard
Hook 3
I’ma preach with fire
I cld drop amigos
Devil you’re a liar, for the savior we go
Even through the wire
I could do illegal
We jus gota get up take it up and preach with fire
Go Hard
4th Verse (Christ Image)
i have a dream with a vision am able to see it
with my little faith I believe it
yeah I’ve got the courage to do it
the hope to endure it till it happens
God buoyed my spirit with a new aspiration
yo’ am thanking Him that He filled me with the passion
after summoning my heart to His calling
i know setbacks tend to stall me
bystanders may deride me
backsliders try to dismay me
backstabbers dishearten me
no – ain’t nobody gonna stop me
mayne am living for Jesus and if you don’t want me
to run you over, I suggest you don’t try to block me
with full power I’ll never cower/ C.i.
am on my grind with rhymes
that can help you renew your mind
mayne we’re living in the endtime
so you better get your mind right
who’s side are you on is it Jesus Christ
common get on board let’s ride
i don’t wanna waste my life
amo go hard i don’t wanna go to hell
when Christ cracks the sky

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