07 May 2014

Lyrics – E Dey Love Me

God dey love me (8 times)

Verse 1 (Obed Psych)
God, shw3
E no dey take me joke
E no dey love to dey see me broke
E butter my bread e sugar my koko
E pop my top well I no dey fear foko
Death come my way wey I swerve am
Sickness too ah I swerve am
No be say I be perfect
I be mere man
But God dey call me in son
So I be dear, man
Righdee oboi den God turn fren
The blessings and joy be constant tin
The grace alone dey jom like somtin
The love, charley e dey pass love nwantintin
Me paaa dis?
Make I biz again
Me paa dis?
See the tins I do wey e dey love me
I go give am my life because
E dey love me (God dey love me)
Verse 2 (Emani)
God dey love me
3y3 ampa
)d) pa wa kyere me no, Massa
Wo ma me sima baako
Mintumi nka
Wa ma ma y3 d3
Me ky3n Fanta
N’emmom me no me gyimi ky3 y3
N’adom amba anka, me no, me b3 br3y3
Adanfo s3m, me de me kra ky33 y3
M’afri mu afri
Enn3 ma y3 f3 s3
I never met a dad like that
Dem say I dey gye am so I shine like that
Ma paddies all dey talk I be fly like that
e bi God in love wey ebi chaw like that

E dey love me (God dey love me)

Verse 3 (Eddy)
I no know what I go talk self
God and his mercies I conf self
Love so gracious I shock self
It’s really amazing
U for the life that I was living
His love still dwelling
Even when his friend request was still pending
One thing for sure my God no be dalaga
I was made in His likeness
Without him im lifeless
See we six billion plus
Wey e dey love everyone of us
Like there was only one of us
Think about it, e no dey make no sense
U sin make somebro die for your sin?
Charley that be nonsense

E dey love me (God dey love me)


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