25 May 2015


It was a charged up atmosphere last Saturday 23rd May, 2015 at the Aburi Girls’ Senior High School (Abugiss) with the girls already geared up for the Bibles Up School Tour which finally hit the school after the students’ great anticipation.

The show started around 6:30pm with an opening prayer session led by Preachers’ Publicist, Jackie Hanson to usher the house into proper commencement of the show.

Doubling as the night’s Mc and Dj, Popular Tv and Radio Host Ato Turkson, once more exhibited his MC’ing prowess and moderated the whole program maintaining a high level of professionalism.

There were series of performances from the students who displayed their talents in glorification to God.

Jerady, the lady rapper was on her game and and rapped to some musical instrumentals with Belac to the admiration of the young ladiesĀ  and practically dared them to use their gifting to enhance God’s kingdom.

Vivacious and multiple award winning trio, Preachers, quenched the thirsts of the students after a long wait to have a feel of good music by the trio. After they performed the hit singles Crazy, No juju and Meyi W’aye, they gave way for the word of exhortation as ministered by Ps. Paapa Korankye Ankrah.

Ps. Paapa exhorted the students with the four chaptered book in the Bible, Ruth, encouraging them to epitomize Ruth’s character and trust God to position them unto higher heights in life.

Then came the moment of truth and surrender. The young pastor, as led by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit spoke the oracles of God to the hearts of these ones as he called them to the altar making them understand the need to be saved. He prayed for them and led them graciously to Christ.

How could the show have ended abruptly when the students’ faces proved otherwise?

Preachers served them the last package introducing to them their latest single in collaboration with urban gospel’s new sensation, Veyeera entitled Glory.

The 2015 edition of the Bibles Up School Tour at Aburi Girls Senior High School turned out everything great!

Wondering where next the train will be? *scratches head* Stay tuned to all our social media platforms for all the information you need!

Meanwhile, catch a glimpse of all the beautiful moments shared at Abugees.

Bibles up the movement!

Signed: Jackie Hanson


Crazy // The Fearless Project
  1. Crazy // The Fearless Project
  2. Meyi W’aye ft. Noble Nketsiah // Preachers - The Fearless Project
  3. No Juju by Preachers // Fearless
  4. Be Wit’ U ft. Kaysi Owusu // Preachers - Fearless