Bibles Up Foundation

Bibles Up Foundation is a charity organization founded by Preachers. The organization was launched on the 4th of August, 2014 alongside The Fearless Project, as a wing of their ministry to give back to society by supporting the less privileged.


Coaching/Mentoring Counseling

The organization has a mentoring department that arranges programs in schools to coach counsel and mentor young ones. We share our experiences and encourage young people aspiring to be great in the future.


We have been able to at least visit two orphanages so far to donate stationary, provisions, clothing, etc to encourage them to study.

Scholarship Schemes

As part of our plans, we will be sponsoring education, medical treatment and more where some promising but less privileged people are not able to cater for the cost.

Outreach/Bibles Up Tour and Rural Outreach

As a Christian organization, it is key for us to bring lost souls to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We embark on outreach programs through our bibles up tour. This is not typically a visit-and-preach tour but we engage the young ones to exhibit their talents on a platform, involving them goes a long way to boost their confidence in our team and then we preach the word of God to them.



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