20 March 2015

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Preachers

So after close walk with your “fav” urban gospel and multi award winning trio, Preachers, I’m compelled to reveal to you 10 things you didn’t know about them. These are amazing facts you might never get to know even if you happen to be their biggest fan ever. *Wicked grin* It’s ok if you raised an eyebrow but don’t worry, these things I’m about to list are not sinister or weird enough to make you withdraw your love for them. In fact, they will make you love them even better. I know you’re itchy already to know. So here we go!

1. They are all Sunday Borns:
This is a distinctive fact that got me gawking at them and I’m sure you’re in that “wow” mode too.  Very interesting! My personal reservation about people born on Sunday is that they are mostly calm and collected. Well, Preachers epitomize that! But the other shocking part of it is that, their manager was born on Sunday too.

2. Preachers are Preachers’ Kids:
They were born of Preachers: Dear Reader, are you still surprised they are “Preachers”? Check this out! Eddy’s dad is a Pastor. Obed Psych and Emani are grandsons of a Reverend. How’s that? I know you’re fascinated! Hahaha!!! Glad I got a grin on your face. *Smirked* It runs through the family!

3. Preachers started as a group of 5:
The group started with 5 individuals namely Emani, Obed Psych, Eddy, Dennis and the only lady, Michelle. Dennis and Michelle were singers while the remaining three were rappers.  As time went on, Michelle withdrew and Dennis went solo leaving Preachers as a trio.

4. Emani and Obed Psych are cousins:
Upon realizing that all three were Preachers’ sons, I braced myself for another interesting thing to uncover. Was I surprised to know that Emani was Psych’s cousin? Your guess is as good as mine! Do you notice the resemblance now?

5. They have a silent Mixtape:
Preachers recorded a couple of tracks in 2009 on which ace sound engineer KODA  produced three of the tracks. They tagged the collection as a silent mixtape that they hardly talk about. It’s entitled the “Very Special Project”. Indeed very special. I bet you’ll love it should you hear.

6. They all have a great sense of humor:
There’s never a dull moment with the trio. They always maintain a high standard of hilarity. Sometimes I wonder if that’s part of their talents. I guess that’s another thing that keeps drawing me to them. Whew! (Whispers: They are comedians clothed in black trendy jackets and fancy boots posing as urban gospel ministers.) lol and oh! It gets no better when the manager is around. Hahahahaha

7. Emani isn’t Akan but writes and raps in Twi:
I could utter only three words, “oh em gee” when I learnt Emani was a Northerner but raps so well in Twi. I know you can’t help it but to gawk at him. Please go ahead. It’s mesmerizing! But how does he do it? That’s Emani’s little secret!

8. Obed Psych is a family man:
You remember the scripture, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord? (Proverbs 18:22) I feel honored to announce to you that Obed Psych has obtained great favor from the Lord. Yes! He’s happily married to a beautiful and virtuous lady and has been blessed with a precious daughter. Psych has blazed the trail for the bachelors, Eddy and Emani to follow! Whose wedding bells will be rung next? Uhmm… I will fill you in when I find out.

9. They play instruments:
Eddy plays the piano whilst Emani plays drums. Obed Psych has hinted that he’s learning to play the acoustic guitar so maybe soon enough he can become a pro like his brothers.

10. They have other amazing talents:
Emani is a very skilled footballer and competed in the popular television series The MTN Soccer academy before he joined Preachers. Eddy plays basketball and actually coached Labone Senior High School’s basketball team. Wondering who has been behind most of the great graphic designs and artworks of Preachers? Look no further! Behold Obed Psych is the brain behind it all.

Alright people! Hope I’ve been able to satisfy your curiosity and also brought you steps closer to your favorite Urban Gospel Group? Until next time when you need to be updated on everything you need to know about Preachers, trust the Publicist, Jackie Hanson, I will gladly be at your service. Tell a friend to join the movement. It’s the Bibles up Movement. Stay in God’s love. Bibles Up forever!!

-Jackie Hanson


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